LET’S GO – E​.​P 2014 (2014)

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LET’S GO – E​.​P 2014 (2014)

1. LET’S GO – Bergerak (Revolt cover) 02:32
2. LET’S GO – Free From Hate (Defence Mind cover) 01:26
3. LET’S GO – The Story (Ukulele Version) 01:37
4. LET’S GO – Look Around 01:30

“This e.p is dedicated to all of our friends who have built this scene and inspire us to keep following our passion”
released May 3, 2014

Recording at Detamsi Studio, Bogor
Mixing & Mastering: Handoyo Detamsi Studio
Producer: LET’S GO
Cover layout: Novan Fachrezy S
Photo: Subilincah
Vocal Guests: MasQoi (Terapi Urine), Titan Scroat (Revolt), Venthy Putri Nesya

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