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People Processes and Performance

MGMT8043 – Leadership & Human Capital Management (LOA6/Batch 16) – People Processes and Performance

1.) I want to respond to my experience in my place of activity.
I currently work in a Japanese company, and happen to work several times in Japanese companies. But there are some points that I might want to share. In the previous company, I worked in a Japanese company that was directly direction from Japan, and my boss was a Japanese expatriate. Some principles about the spirit of hard work that is tireless, which is undeniably different from what I used to get and see if I work with fellow Indonesians in general, and is the basis of my current way of working. All work that is always based on a sincere sense, every job is always diligent, high interest in doing something new and based on high confidence. All employees are guided must always be creative, innovative, and productive in all work lines. All work bases and activity decisions are always based on a well-planned plan in costs so that it is optimal and appropriate and time in making a high quality product, high commitment to the work and completed on time according to schedule. What is clearly visible and I am very impressed is the compliance and loyalty to the company and superiors. Good work discipline without supervision based on trust & dedication. Efficient time sharing while working, resting, working in accordance with the portion of each job, while working they are very focused & dedicated to the work without being disturbed by anything, but when it’s time to break they stop the work on time & joke with work colleagues immediately think of work. All work is always at its best and works cooperatively with various departments, because they always avoid the slightest possible failure in completing work, because job failure is the same as embarrassing themselves, even to the point where their pride feels lost saying that there is a failure. But they are not reluctant to start and try everything new, especially in the field that I am involved in in the field of Digital Marketing, which is required to be updated with the trend in digital trends that are very dynamic. Whenever there is a failure, they are all very fair to discuss why the failure happened so objectively that the same thing will not happen in the future.

At the moment in the company I am currently in. I am in a Japanese company that cooperates (Joint Venture) with an Indonesian company. There are many different things that I get, the big points that I can conclude are because of local intervention for some of the existing directions. Distorted direction or direction that is too many portions of modification with many local interests that make decisions that become gray, compared to my previous company. And because the company I work for today is almost the majority of conservatives, many things make it an obstacle to development in my work, especially in this Digital field. I have to prepare a lot of things to get approval in several layers, and even then it does not guarantee whether or not the technology will be used to support the work in the Digital field, and the results of the company I work today are Digital, lagging behind the company I worked for before in terms of technology, even with some competitors operating in the same field.

But the thing that might be an advantage where I work now is in accordance with the slogan, “A Better Life, A Better World” to create a better life and world, and contribute to continue to develop society and human happiness throughout the world. And that is what we feel as employees in the company to prioritize the development of happiness, both for internal company or for the products we offer to customers.


2.) I want to give response to the article
Today’s corporate leaders should have made it a priority to communicate effectively, because every word and deed is vulnerable to public scrutiny and intense criticism. But there is no denying that many senior leaders still tend not to be aware of this, but skilled communication is the key to overcoming various company problems. Paradoxically, communication is a discipline that is underappreciated and is considered light in the theory and practice of leadership in the company.

It is also important to emphasize that communication is more than words. It must be done continuously, often without sound, it also happens through strength

  1. Types of Groups in Organizations

Formal Groups 1. Permanent formal work groups 2. Temporary formal work groups

Informal Groups 1. Friendship Groups 2. Interest Groups

  1. Groups are collections of two or more people who work with one another regularly to achieve one or more common goals.
  2. Role conflict is Inability to respond to group expectations
  3. Social loafing : A tendency of people not to work as hard in groups as they would individually
  4. Effective groups : Groups that achieve high levels of both task performance and human resource maintenance
  5. Command groups and task groups can be categorized as Formal groups
  6. Purposes of Groups in Organizations
    1. Groups can help to meet organizational needs.
    2. Groups can satisfy the needs of their individual members.
  7. Group Process and Group Effectiveness
  • Stages of group development
    • Forming stage
    • Storming stage
    • Norming stage
    • Performing stage
    • Adjourning stage
  1. What are Teams?
  • Teams
    • Small groups
    • Complementary skills
    • Work as a unit
    • Committed to a shared purpose
    • Collective accountability
  • Groups
    • Do not display the shared commitment to purpose or accountability
  1. Effective Team Leadership
  • Operational leadership
  • Team building leadership

A team leader helps the team:

  • Define goals
  • Develop plans
  • Solve problems
  • Maintain focus and achieve resolution